Katharina Maria Raab Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by Edward Mapplethorpe scheduled to open in conjunction with Berlin Art Week in September 2016. The exhibition, entitled PROCESS, will feature The Cube, a new series of photographs derived from photographer Ansel Adams' Lighting a Cube project that was featured in his seminal book entitled The Negative. Adams created the Zone System, a photographic technique to systematically determine the optimal film exposure and development of a black and white photograph. For this body of work Mapplethorpe built a symmetrical three-sided cube and implemented Adams' prescribed lighting technique to represent and photograph the eleven values that comprise the grayscale zone system. This project is a continuation of Mapplethorpe's experimentation with photographic processes. Also on view will be series of 'portraits' of traditional analogue photographic equipment including the Hasselblad medium format camera owned by the artist's elder brother Robert and the artist's own darkroom enlarger. 

Born and raised in New York, Edward Mapplethorpe began his solo career in 1990 and was quickly acclaimed for his luminous nudes, portraits, and still lives. More recently, the artist has expanded his practice to include abstract works that challenge traditional definitions of the photographic medium. Mapplethorpe has been the subject of several international solo and group exhibitions and was most recently the subject of ONE: Sons & Daughters, a monograph of the artist's portraits of one-year old children spanning twenty years, published by powerHouse Books. Mapplethorpe lives and works in New York City.