Ahmed Kamel

born 1981, lives and works in Berlin and Cairo


2023   Did Not Happen, Cologne Contemporary Concept

2023   Otherwise, Agaze, (Duo with Gabriela Kobus), ARD, Cairo

2018   Did Not Happen, Zone-E Gallery, Essen

2017   Did Not Happen, Rooftop Studio Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Berlin

2016   Sight/Spiral, Erstererster, Berlin

2015   About Paradise/Repetitive Units, Zone B Gallery, Berlin

2011   Extension, Cinéma les Variétés, Marseille

2010   Local Star, Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo

2010   By law, Marks Blond, Bern

2010   Spiral, Progr, Bern

2009   Shop-Abutting, ArtElLewa, Cairo

2008   Home-the Self, Le CFCC, Mounira, Cairo


2023   Art in War, Christophe Person Gallery, Paris

2022   History leads to twisted mountains, ARD, Cairo

2022   Abutting Afar, Photo Festival, Kaiserslautern

2021   Fragility I, Katharina Maria Raab, Berlin

2020   Far away so close, Haus am Lützowplatz in collaboration with the Federal Foreign Office, Berlin 

2019   Power Struggle, Mahe Mehr Gallery, Tehran

2014   Cairo open city, East Wing, Dubai

2013   Errors Allowed, Mediterranea 16 – Biennial, Ancona

2011    Shaabi, Serpentine Gallery, London

2011    Propaganda by Monuments, CIC, Cairo

2010   Noord, Mediamatic, Amsterdam

2009  20th Youth Salon, Darat al Funun, Amman

2009  Under Constriction, Hayaka arti, Istanbul

2007   Malash-Kairo, Meinblau Kunst & Atelierhaus, Berlin