Ahmed Kamel



For several years, Ahmed Kamel has been working on the issue of conflict – on the personal as well as the political level. In this work, which has been realised during his artist in residency at the German Ministry for Foreign Affairs, he focuses on how power can be used to influence the individual and public perception, and thus change the collective memory and subsequently also the official course of history. Despite the highly developed tools for documenting details, it is still possible to manipulate the overall picture. Even eye-witnesses can start to doubt what they have seen with their very own eyes.

Remnants of Diaries, 2016, photography, 18 x 24 cm
Remnants of  Diaries, 2016, paper and metal wires, 18 x 24 x 24cm
Internal Conflict, 2016, mirror and metal, 50 x 120 x 0,5 cm
With the Other, 2016, mirror and metal, 50 x 120 x 0,5 cm